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Styku Scan $50 each

The Styku scan is a full-body scan that maps a 3D image of your body. Using precise measurements, the Styku scan can estimate many different health metrics. The Styku scan can chart the circumference of any location on the body as well as volume measurements of limbs and your torso.


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The Styku 3D Body Scan is a powerful scanner that can capture the full body of a person in three dimensions. The client only has to stand on the rotating plate for approximately 35 seconds holding the pose. The scanner is able to extract millions of data points in no time and lets us perform complete body scans, view 3D models, extract exact body measurements, track posture changes, and more. After generating the 3D avatar, we use it to extract accurate data related to the volume, circumference, measurements and surface of each body area, body shape, and health indicators. This allows us to accurately track the evolution of the body shape and progress of a client through several measurements.

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