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Six Sessions of Cavi-Lipo Package Special

Six Sessions of Cavi-Lipo Package Special

$1,050.00 Regular Price
$594.00Sale Price

Cavi-Lipo is the newest technology in noninvasive liposuction. This treatment takes between 30 minutes to 60 minutes and is great for people who want a fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening all in one treatment.


Unlike other treatments on the market today such as Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Laser Lipo, Zerona, Liposonix, Vasor shape, and many others Cavi-Lipo is entirely pain-free, non-invasive and gives lasting results without discomfort and can treat the entire body including the neck and face area giving an instant lift with it’s specially designed and patented handpieces other systems just don’t offer.


This Package has 6 sessions of Cavi-Lipo, 3 Sessions of Infrared Heat Therapy to help you detox for better results and 2 Styku 3D Scans to track your results

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